Saturday, August 28, 2010

Adoring Our Little Guy

As time passes we are enjoying getting to know our little man. With each new day we are getting to see more and more of his personality. For starters we have learned that his favorite hobby has switched from sleeping to eating. His second favorite hobby is gaining weight. Not only did he reach his birth weight by the two week mark (newborns lose about 7% of their birth weight in the first days of life), he reached in under a week.

Now at a month old Mr. B weighs in at a little over 9 pounds. Our little man that once swam in newborn sized clothing and diapers is sporting a double chin, chunky cheeks and adorable fat rolls on his thighs. As he is our first child (and he has a photo happy mother) Mr. B is photographed as often as most movie stars.

Overall it has been an amazing month, G and I have absolutely adored being parents, and we absolutely in love with our little guy.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Assorted Mr B Pictures

Dear Mr. B - Week 1

Dear Mr B, Mommy is happy to feed you whenever you would like, but when she does please please please try to stay awake for more than 2 minutes, lest you wake up again in 10 min still hungry.

Dear Mr. B, Mommy absolutely loves your darling facial expressions. I enjoy pretending that I know what each of them means, maybe someday I will figure it out.

Dear Mommy,
My throwing up on you twice last nice was me telling you how much I love you! P.S. Thanks for cleaning me up.
Mr. B

Dear Mr. B,
As previously mentioned I am happy to feed you whenever you would like, but please please please try to sleep at least an hour between said requests. Parties from 11pm-2am are not our idea of a good time.
Mom and Dad

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And Baby Makes 3 :)

It has been far too long since we have updated this, and for anyone who knows us there is definitely a lot that has gone on between June and the present. Instead of catching up we will just cover the basics, basically we are now a happy family of 3.

We welcomed our son Mr. B into our family at 12:06pm on Sunday July 25th. He weighed a tiny but healthy 6 lb. 14 oz. 19 inches long. He has beautiful dark blonde hair and plenty of it.

As new parents we spent the early part of July constantly wondering when the adorable Mr. B would make his debut. I had always joked that I wanted to have him on pioneer day. We spent the 24th in Salt Lake hanging out with family and had a wonderful time. As we were leaving Si's (G's mom) house she teased us about not having Mr. B tomorrow or on Monday because she would be tempted to still go on her annual Lake Powell.

Although the comment was made in complete jest Mr. B took him seriously and at 3:15 Sunday warning my water broke. I had only a handful of contractions so I tried to go back to sleep, it did not work as I was far to nervous/excited so I got dressed put on makeup (because I am weird like that), cleaned out the fridge a little, at 5:40am we made our way to Timpanogus hospital. By then my contractions had completely stopped, which made the ride much comfier than I had anticipated.

They put us in a room, confirmed that my water had broken, and then began what began an epic attempt at putting an IV in my arm. Two nurses and 7 stabs later they finally got the IV inserted, it was terrible. It took almost an hour, by then they were concerned that my contractions would not start up again so they started me on pitocin (so essentially they "induced me".

They continued to get closer together until they were back to back, at that point I requested an epidural (thankful the anesthesiologist was much better at inserting that particular needle). I was annoyed that the epidural made my legs feel like I was at the dentist. The nurse informed me that it was actually a good sign that I had feeling from the waist down (no pain though), and she was right.

About 10 minutes after the epidural we had a five minute scare, (Benton's heart rate dropped) thankfully our prayers were answered and everything went back to normal. That was at about 10:00am and after the ordeal I was at 5cm halfway there! The next two hours flew by, the nurse checked me at 11:55am exclaimed that I was done, we did not not know what she meant but then she pulled G and had me try to push. She said that I was so good that she was calling the Dr. immediately. 11 min and 2 pushes later we were parents!