Baby Carrier Types

My Baby Carrier's/Babywearing Story

I make and sell what are called Ring Slings, they are adjustable slings often sold as and referred to as Maya Wraps (the most well known ring sling company). For more info about them specifically see the Buying Slings Tab.

The carrier that started it all :)

I (C.) am and have always been a babyholding enthusiest. From the time I was old enough to be allowed to hold a baby I was in love. There is nothing better than having a baby snuggled up against you. Since becoming a mom I still love babyholding but I have learned that babyholding while trying to completer basic tasks like cleaning, shopping, folding laundry etc can get tricky.  On a parenting blog I stumbled upon the term "babywearing" which is a hippie/crunchy nickname for making babycarrier use a part of your everyday life as a parent.  So in other words I am what is considered a "babywearer" :) and I cannot imagine life any other way.

Benefits of baby carriers:

- They make it possible to get things done with a high needs baby who wants to be held all the time. As well as good for a baby who is gassy or has acid reflux (as it is best to keep them upright).

- Numerous studies have shown that babies who are carried also cry less, , and sleep better (by falling asleep faster and sleeping more overall) than babies who spend more time in strollers or bouncy chairs etc.

- They are also excellent for showing love and affection to your baby, as a result of this carried babies actually become less clingy and more secure.

Sleeping through the noise.
Making laundry at the laundromat less of a headache.

Hiking and the beach are a cinch :)
Taking a nap at the park, in a ring sling, the type I make and sell.
Using a Soft Structured Carrier called a Beco at a football game (definitely a no stroller zone).

Oh the places we can go (or YOU, if you have similarly awesome carriers).

Additional information about the benefits of "Babywearing."