Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What I use Part 2: One Size Pockets

Earlier I wrote about how I use Prefolds and Covers for Hodie, How I use covers with inserts overnight for Mr. B, these are called AI2's or all in twos. I also use pocket diapers. I realized that I did not thoroughly explain the differences between each kind of cloth diaper well enough so today I hope to shed some light on each kind.

One Size Pockets:

I use two types of pockets, the first is a One Size Snap adjusting back opening kind, like a Sunbaby, Alva, Bum Genius etc. The second is a Charlie Banana (Fuzzi Bunz also work like this) that adjusts with elastic inside and opens in the front. This adjusting sizes make the diapers fit a 12 pound baby or a 35 pound baby. A lot of bang for your buck :)

How they work:

As the name implies you "stuff" the pockets with absorbent materials. You can stuff them with microfiber inserts (most common), cotton prefolds, hemp or bamboo (although bamboo tends to work better as a doubler then as a separate insert). These diapers are one time use. After baby pees or poops in it you take out the insert and put it and the shell in the diaper pail. DO NOT REUSE A POCKET SHELL.

 The microfiber inserts are the quickest absorbing but prone to leaking if baby is sitting for long times, so people often put hemp, bamboo or cotton underneath the inserts when they know the baby will be in the diaper awhile.

This is everything I own all together, diapering two kiddos :)

Hodie's Big News! / Other stuff :)

Although it was already on facebook, we are proud to announce that starting next week after his surgery Hodie will be creating poopy diapers like a normal healthy 5 month old. We couldn't be more excited, although we feel terrible that he has to undergo another surgery, we pray he will be a trooper like all the other times. Oh man he is so cute, I get so much less done because I want to stare at his adorableness.

Don't worry I find this kiddo irresistible as well. He is just so much fun these days. 

Hodie has been blowing raspberries so fun to listen to. 


Although super boring we have been rearranging furniture and we love it so much this is the Before:

 This is the After: We love it!

We also have moved Hodie out of our room and into his pre moving into big brother's room "room" our closet :) Don't worry he likes it. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rolling with the punches

When you go to have a baby you picture getting to hold it right away, getting to take it home and enjoy the surreal way time stands still/moves at lightning speed as you take care/enjoy all things newborn. Perhaps you think about how your baby will be the picture of health and grow at an astonishing speed etc.

As many of my friends and family members have found out over the course of their parenthood, things don't always work out like that. Some babies get whisked away for medical attention, some look fine but turn out needing quite a bit of medical intervention and don't get to come home. Some go home looking healthy only to struggle with various ailments and problems later on.

These special children teach you many many things. These are some that mine has taught me:

That you need to cherish holding them (wherever or whenever that is). The NICU may not be very private or homey but you can still be assertive in making sure that you get lots of bonding experiences.

That people you know really do mean it when they say they "want to help." We are so thankful for everyone that took care of us and our older son Mr. B while he was in the hospital and later when we went to the Dr's offices.

That your dreams haven't been shattered just revised :) Although its not a perfect example, prior to Hoden's birth I had purchased newborn cloth diapers for him I was excited to use them and had them all ready to go. Well they didn't fit well under his colostomy so we sold them at a loss and moved on. But through some creativity we made some we already had fit low enough for him. It has been working super well. And he is pretty cute in them.

That you gotta get creative. When we have had a bag blowout we use size 6 disposable diapers up and over the bag to keep everything clean until we can get home.

That special kiddos have special spirits. Hoden is such a delight and puts up with his colostomy changes and testing like a champ.

That Heavenly Father can make you strong enough to endure whatever comes. When Hoden first came home we were at a huge loss as to how to get his colostomy bags to stick. Thankfully our prayers and those of our family were answered when a friend steered us to a blog with more info than we could have asked for/the stoma clinic at Primary Children's was super helpful. Now I can even change a bag all by myself (exciting now that baby Hoden can roll over by himself.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Just some pictures :)

G. wore glasses as a kid so we get a kick out of having Mr. B try on glasses :)

 I just love his chunky thighs, and seeing if his big brother's diaper fits him yet. 

Holy big head my darling 90th percentile head circumference and weight child. 

I simply adore seeing them play together, it melts my heart.