Friday, August 31, 2012

25 years ago

As a little kid I always loved hearing stories about how my parents met, how much they wanted to be parents, how they came up with my name and how I came into the world.

My parents were married in 1983, my Dad graduated from BYU soon after and they wanted to start a family as soon as they could. Well they were not as lucky as they would have liked and struggled to start a family of their own.

I apparently was just as excited to meet them as they were to meet me and so I tried to make an early arrival in early summer (my mom was due Sept 21st or so) so she endured a summer on bedrest in California heat with no air conditioning (love you forever Mom you rock :). Finally a few days after being taken off bedrest my Mom's water broke at 5pm on August 31st and I made a hasty entrance 2 hours later, the Dr. had no even arrived to the hospital yet :)

 Already being a Mom makes me think of my birthday as the very special day that my Mom became a mom :) and over these past 25 years she has done an amazing job. Now 25 years later I too am pregnant on August 31st, and almost exactly as far along she was, and equally as thankful to be having the opportunity of  getting to bring a child into the world.

Thanks again Mom

Monday, August 6, 2012


Mr. B turned two last month and this was his present from his parents. G. insisted I try it out (as I had one as  a kid), baby #2 kind of made it ridiculous but oh well :)

Mr. B has adored popsicles this summer all though he has not figured out how to eat them without getting everything super sticky, nonetheless we love him tons. 

We went to the local carnival, it was so much fun even though my pregnancy prevented us from actually going on any rides. So we decided to just enjoy the carnival food. G. and I ate some super amazing hand battered hot dogs and finished them off with snowcones. Lest we repeat the popsicle mess from above we decided to order Mr. B's snowcone syrupless :) he didn't mind at all bless his heart. 

After over 7 months in our home (and some saving up) we decided it was finally time to remedy the bare wall situation. We were able to purchase a favorite photo of ours on special at Costco and custom design the  vinyl to frame it. Don't be fooled by the picture this whole thing fills the wall behind our HUGE sectional. 

I had purchased these frames for a steal at Kohls months ago and finally found a use for them. It took more money to print off the pictures than for the frames and a dollar more than that to buy the command strips. All in all it was thankfully an under 40 buck project, not too shabby but probably a far cry from pinterest worthy. 

Here is an adorable picture of Mr. B trying to be a big boy, he is not quite ready for full big boyness but we try to practice as much as we can.