Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Baby Food: Homemade Baby Food

A repeat photo but its a favorite

We followed some fabulous ideas from this blog and got started with some steamed carrots. We tossed them in our blendtec on batters and then poured them into ice cube tray. We then took some of the carrots and some spinach from the fridge and made a blend. Hoden wasn't too impressed with either kind at first but overtime he has really started to like them. He primarily feeds himself out of a reusable food pouch like this one, that we reviewed here
Don't be scared. Its super easy and totally worth it. 

Baby Food: Little Green Pouches Review

We primarily let baby Hoden get him solid food from finger feedings but for things that are not easily cut up or when we are on the go we needed a better solution to awkward baby food containers. He did pretty well with the puree pouches but at 1-2 dollars a pop those things are crazy expensive. We poked around Amazon and bought the Little Green Pouches. I like that they hold a whopping 7 ounces and therefore are good for older kids too but as you can see from the picture they are huge for a under 1 year old. 

I like that they expand at the bottom and can stand up on their own while filling but the opening is just barely to small to pour a jar of baby food into it (uber frustrating) and a serving spoon is also hard to use as well. We primarily plan to use them with homemade baby food so we will most likely use a makeshift pastry bag to fill them in the future (ziploc baggy with a corner cut off). 

Be really careful if you have a budding Picasso on your hands like I do. He decided that my lovely concoction of spinach and carrots would make fabulous finger paints. He kept his naked body inexplicably clean but the high chair and the floor underneath were a different story. 

 We are glad we spent the extra money to get pouches that are 7 oz instead of only 4oz for when our kiddos get bigger (older kids enjoy applesauce and yogurt in them). But I do wish they were much easier to fill, and a bit cheaper. 

* I was not provided any compensation for this review, we purchased our pouches off amazon, although has a good deal on them as well.