Thursday, July 26, 2012

Getting Ready: Baby #2 prep

Our big news of the week is that Mr. B turned 2. We had a great time celebrating pioneer day and his birthday in one big awesome day of parades, bbqs and fireworks. 

In other news (and less exciting news) we have been actively getting ready for our second kiddo (another little boy due to make an appearance between now and mid September). 

Although in all reality all we really need for baby number two is some clothes (check), some diapers (check) and a carseat (check). There are some things that make having a second baby go much smoother. Some of those things we already had and some of them we have been on the hunt for.

The first is a glider, and we have been on the hunt since before Mr. B's debut and our search was futile yielding only gliders too expensive or not comfy (thus defeating the purpose). Thanks to the handy dandy local Costco this has finally been remedied and man is it awesome. I am so ready to cuddle a sweet newborn in it. Although it was not a requirement it matches out nursery furniture and our couch. Not too shabby.

The next thing I really wanted was somewhere to store the baby's clothes while it lives in our bedroom (and then it can become the designated baby dresser). We finally decided on this one from Amazon and will most likely order it soon with our handy amazon registry discount :)

Another thing I wanted was a lightish weight double stroller. This has been ridiculously easier said than done.  I do technically already have a babytrend double jogger that I use for daycare kids and trips to the neighborhood park that sucker can barely fit through a doorway to save its life. Alas I have been on the hunt for something not budget busting, that fits in a trunk, I can actually lift without getting a hernia, and that Mr. B enjoys riding in. I struggled because with babywearing so much I did not want to spend the money on, nor did I need a full on tandem baby stroller (that I feel drive like tanks). After countless hours online and two hours dinking around two different baby stores with my infant carseat and cranky toddler in tow. I found it and I could not be happier. Mr. B can ride up front with the careseat in back (some put the baby upfront which I hate) and then when he is older he can ride in a jump seat in the back. 

One thing I will use a ton is my Beco Buttefly, I know I have raved about it a bajillion times but seriously the thing has been worth every penny I spent on it. It is just soooo nice to have a carrier that does not kill your shoulders. 

I am also dying to bust out my Sleepy Wrap (now called a Boba Wrap), I am so ready to cuddle a little one in it. 

Anyhow we are all pretty excited for our next little munchkin :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Photo Bomb: Pregnancy #2 Edition

Living in a place with the most pregnant women per capita in the United States (or so I feel like, 6 women on my street alone) I never feel out of place walking around with a pregnant belly, however in San Diego my basketball belly seemed to elicit comments and questions from strangers everywhere we went. They ranged from, "you are so tiny," "you are such a little ball" to "hope you don't have much time left." They ran the gamut. I am pretty sure "ball" comment is most accurate :) Anyhow it inspired me to bore you all with a pregnancy or belly progress report.

15 weeks

21 weeks

24 weeks (June 3rd)

27 weeks (June 22nd)

30 weeks (July 5th)

Patriotism and Parades

 Our vacation did not end in San Diego but rather it continued upon our return with our town pride parade and then the 4th of July. It has really been an amazing two weeks to say the least. We officially have enough salt water taffy to last us until next years parades :)

Photo Bomb: San Diego Edition

Why you should definitely be brave and eat somewhere the looks like the picture below :) Holy cow the Strawberry Aqua Fresca and Pork Tacos were to die for. 

Mr. B proved that the passing of a year has helped make him a camping pro, the kid slept through a car alarm twice, and ou trightly asked for his naps. He was pretty stoked that camping near the beach made his day full of his favorite things, DIRT and WATER :)  He was pretty worn out to say the least.

We clearly camp a little differently in 2012 :)

Although we did not go to the iconic San Diego Zoo or Sea World G. and I did take a childfree (thanks mom) day trip to some smaller (and awesome sights) around town. Our favorite hands down was the Midway Mueseum, a naval museum on an aircraft carrier, how freaking cool. 

Although the waves still terrified him, Mr. B absolutely LOVED the sand, can you say toybox on steroids :)

We had an absolute blast, it was a wonderful week filled with family, friends and fun, just what we like.