Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Barren Walls

We are happy to report that we are all moved in (we unpacked our last box yesterday). We even put up our Christmas decorations, which have made my kitchen and part of my family room look very festive. Nonetheless we still have a terrible case of barren walls, wall screaming for a decorators touch. Sure we have wall hangings that we used at various apartments, but the thought of putting them up for good in our home has us standstill. Pinterest has left me with many ideas, so many in fact that I have no idea which to use or where to put them.

Exhibit A:  The huge empty wall behind our TV, any suggestions?

Exhibit B: Equal sized walls on either side of our family room window? I imagine window treatments would help, but alas I have no idea what kind.

Exhibit C: Here we want to put a huge fancy picture of the Salt Lake temple and maybe a wedding photo on each side, but other than that we are drawing a blank.

Exhibit D: We don't own a headboard and we have no idea what would look nice in a master bedroom.

Exhibit E: A wall in our master bedroom, here I was thinking of displaying a cool pattern of mirrors, I picked  up two cheap packs of small frameless mirrors at ikea awhile back, but I am not sure what design to use for them.

So yeah, we would love any and all creative input :) In case you missed our facebook post, here is our kitchen for good measure.

And here is Mr. B atop the stairs (just in case you wanted to admire the carpet and his cute smile).

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall Fun

So I have pretty much been turning green with jealousy every time I see someone's fall family pictures. I just cannot get over the super cute kiddos playing in the leaves and the pretty fall colors. Well thanks to my gracious sister of Michelle Lea Photography, our family finally has some cute pics of our own. Now you will have to pardon our lack of photogenicness, we find it pretty hard to look good whilst trying to make our squirmy toddler sit still long enough for a picture. If you live in Utah Valley or Denver she would love to take some more.