Sunday, May 29, 2011

Month of May

Oh the month of May where have you gone? It seems as the though the sunshine that we started out with was going to make this a month to remember. It started out with some awesome running around the neighborhood in our snazzy new jogging stroller. It is in fact a double jogging stroller. No I am not expecting, but I thought it would be most economical to buy a stroller that with benefit me when I do have multiple children. I am in love with this thing. It is so light and it was very easy to put together and it steers super easy.


We took it to the park where Mr. B thoroughly enjoyed the baby swing.

Sadly the sunshine came to an end all too quickly which led to gloomy/boring days filled with staying inside time. Thankfully I finally got smart and put it to some good use. One of the things I worked on was sewing, I am slowly but surely improving and am almost beginning to enjoy it. Although it is far from professional looking I was able to make this very sturdy and almost pretty baby carrier.

The ribbon I found is so pretty, I just love looking at it.

My next project will be baby carriers that you can wear in the pool. I am so excited about these. Now if the weather will just cooperate we will be hitting the pool.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Why we love Lake Powell

Lots of time to smile

We get to play on the beach

We get to go hiking in a super pretty slot canyon

It is so beautiful

We get to hang out with cousins

Getting to be on boats (we think Mr. B makes a rather cute sailor)

Last but not least we got to learn such valuable lessons as hats+life jackets= very mad babies