Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mr. B weekend

We sent baby Hoden to Grandma B's house with my sister and so it was just us and Mr. B this weekend so we took the chance to take him all his favorite places. We got some donuts and then hit up BYU and he had a blast walking all around. We also got to go swimming which with Mr. B being such a fish was a great time. We also got to go other exciting places like the Dollar store, the pet store and out for italian ice. It was so much fun getting some extra Mr. B one on one time. We love him tons. We kept up with Hoden over Skype, man did he have a blast at Grandma and Papa's house. 

Oh and we also celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. Our plans were not too exciting but its all good since we considered our cruise to be our real celebration. Its been an amazing 5 years and we are so excited for the rest of forever. 

Idaho Adventure

We started off our trip with a stop at Maddox ranch house. If you ever drive up North it's worth a stop. The steak was amazing and I ate more of their rolls (with rasberry butter) then I care to admit. 

We were crazy and decided to continue our day of gluttony and eat at Big Judd's (famous for burgers as big as dinner plates. The burger was good but not the best but oh man the huckleberry ice cream was absolutely amazing, I would go back just for that. 

Our trip was to visit cousins and we had a blast doing that. The kiddos played together adorably. 

On our way home we went to Lava Hot springs. We ended up only going to the indoor pool but it had an amazing kiddie area and it was very much worth the stop. Our kids would have stayed the entire day if we had let them. I hope to go back in the summer to camp and visit their huge outdoor pool.  Overall it was an amazing weekend and we so thankful for our gracious hosts, we love you guys.