Saturday, December 12, 2009


We are getting so excited for our first Christmas together. As soon as we returned from our Thanksgiving trip (that we spent in Highlands Ranch)we began setting up our Christmas tree and decorating our apartment. It is absolutely adorable! We are still working on getting our last couple of Christmas presents purchased. We are greatly looking forward to spending Christmas is Sandy with all of G's family. All of our jobs are working out well. G is really enjoying his new job working for BYU's OIT department managing the servers for BYU's networks an such. I probably slaughtered my description of his job, to which I apologize to G and those with a computer vocabulary. G and I both still work managing our apartment complex he helps out with snow removal and I manage the office. I also work as a nanny of two girls ages 20 months and 4 1/2. Even with G in school full time we still have lots of time to spend together and we absolutely love it.
I am enjoying my new church calling as a beehive advisor (that means I am over the 12 year old girls) tomorrow I will give them my first lesson, I hope all goes well. G still teaches Sunday school and his class still does not have a single boy in it. The only boys are him and his teaching companion.
I hope to get some pictures put up soon of our recent trip to Denver, and of our apartment all decked out for Christmas.
Merry Christmas from the C & G!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cold and Flu Season/ 9 months of marriage

G and I had a wonderful October, filled with lots of visiting with both our families. My folks and siblings drove out from Denver to spend their fall break with us, we absolutely loved having them here. Later on in the month we got to spend a quiet Halloween at home with the Freestone clan up in Sandy. We had a blast eating chili but we were both rather disappointed that only 5 trick or treaters came to the door.
This month has also unfortunately been filled with sickness, all from my end unfortunately, G is fit as a fiddle as always. As someone who suffers from one or two colds every year I was saddened but not surprised when I came down with my second cold since the last week in September. One cold no biggy, two colds in a month is obnoxious. However, I find a third cold I cannot figure out what on Earth is going on.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Fall in Provo has been absolutely beautiful. G and I cannot get over how gorgeous all the trees are. As such we took the time and drive the Alpine Loop which is a road that goes from Sundance to American Fork Canyon. The picture in this post is a picture that we took there.
When Fall first arrived it wasn't so beautiful, rather it was freezing and we found ourselves turning up the thermostat. Although this sounds like a mundane activity I cannot even begin to express the sheer delight I experience every time I turn on our heater. I do not mind that it sounds like a hurricane and the fact that it jacks up the heating bill.
This gratitude is the result of the lack of a working heater in our first apartment. It not only lacked a heater, it lacked a garbage disposal, dishwasher, closets, and a bathroom mirror. Nonetheless we loved it.
However our new apartment compared to that one is a palace. Although it is the same size or smaller I now have a heater, disposal, dishwasher, 5 closets, a pantry, and 2 bathroom mirrors, and two bedrooms, and it came fully furnished. I am in heaven. I know delight in cooking knowing that I will not have to clean the pans I use in a sink that is deeper than 4 inches (I wish I was exaggerating).
G and I feel incredibly blessed to be living here. In that we will live here till G graduates we have invested our time, and a little of our hard earned money towards decorating the apartment and we are very proud of the results.
G is still enjoying his classes (not the homework, but the classes), and I am loving managing and am also loving being a nanny to two adorable little girls.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

One Down One To Go

August brings warm weather and the sad realization that the summer is coming to a close. I (C) just graduated from BYU this Thursday, it was enjoyable having both sets of parents here to celebrate.

To add further significance to this Thursday G and I celebrated our sixth month anniversary. So after graduation we went to Salt Lake for a retry of the nice Italian dinner we tried to have on our honeymoon. Unfortunately I only made it through the appetizers before becoming so sick that we had to leave the restaurant right away. Thankfully this time I enjoyed significantly better health. This time I enjoyed the bread, soup, entree, and dessert.

This Sunday we are a little sad to think that the next two weeks will be filled with crazy work weeks with only the first day of school to look forward to at the end. G is quite sad that he will have to head back to school and I am dealing with the startling realization that I will not be joining him. I am supposedly a grown up now, condemned to work the 9-5 instead of the awkward schedule I kept as a harried student. I guess I will have to learn to do all the things that I said I would do when I actually had the time to do them. Wish me luck, or rather wish "us" luck this semester will be a crazy one.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer, New Jobs, New Apartment

So, it's been a while since we've posted anything, but a lot has happened in the last few weeks.  We got a new job.  We are now the mangers of two apartment complexes south of campus, Southridge and Park Place.  Between the two of us we put in 30 hours a week and we get a wonderful new apartment, free.  We love it.  We love our new home, it's so pretty.  We've been working on getting it all decorated.  It's so nice compared to where we used to live, we feel like we actually have a dinning room, family room and kitchen! We even have a spare bedroom!  It's great.
So that's the new news regarding our lives.  But we have also really been enjoying our summertime.  We went to San Francisco a few weeks ago, it was a great little getaway.  We got our plane tickets for only $20!  It was great!  Right now C is writing her thesis, so right now that's our biggest stress, but besides that we are doing great!  We are really excited for this summer!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Beginning

Since this is the first post to our blog, I thought that I would start at the beginning.  Charlene and I have been married for a grand total of a month and a half now.  We were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on February 13, 2009.  We are thrilled to be together.  Our family is small but one day it will grow.

Right now we are both in school.  Charlene will be graduating soon.  Her major is History and she has a minor in Business Management.  I am studying Computer Science and I have a minor in Spanish; however I am not even close to finishing.  I still have about two years left of school.

We thought that a blog would be a good way to let people know what we are up to.  We will try to remember to update it frequently, but sometimes we may forget.  We plan on having many adventures, so check back often!