Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cloth Diaper Online Store Guide

I often get asked where I buy diapers from or where I recommend people buy them from so I figured I should probably take that as a hint and compile a list to help out newbies. 

Online Stores: (free shipping on everything)- Is the creator of Bum Genius but is also a retailer of many cloth diaper brands. They have famous Seconds sales where they sell cosmetically imperfect merchandise for a steal. When not hitting up their seconds sale check out there Indian prefolds, they ship completely free and are only a 1.50 a piece. I highly recommend buying from them I have had great experiences working with them. - While they don't ship free for everything, their pockets and covers do ship at little to no cost. They sell a store brand of pockets and aio's that are super cute and what is even better is that they donate one diaper for every diaper purchased. They also are the creator of Best Bottoms a All in Two system and everything of that brand ships free. They are sell the Imagine brand which has pockets, aio, covers and flats and even a well priced cloth diaper sprayer. I have loved everything I have purchased from them and they ship super fast. - Everything ships free but since it comes from China it may take up to a month. This store is excellent for well priced pockets and awesome 3 layer bamboo inserts/doublers. Their prints are super cute too. - Everything ships free but it only ships in packs which is kind of a bummer. The owner is Sunpei and she is in China but she offers amazing customer service. - They are the Holy Grail of prefolds, prefitteds and flats. They only sell natural fiber diapers. Their shipping is a flat $6.95 and since their biggest seller is super heavy prefolds and fitteds this is a great deal. I love how this website had pictures of every size of prefold on multiple size babies. You really get a good idea for how something is going to fit your baby in real life.

Brick and Mortar Stores:

Walmart- Their Mainstay Brand Flour Sack Dish Towels make amazing Flats for $1 a piece. They also sell a Child of Mine brand Wetbag. Skip the Gerber prefolds as their are only quilt padding inside. 

Buy Buy Baby- They sell the Bum Genius 4.0 Pocket and the All In One Freetime. You can even use the $5 off one item coupons. 

- DO NOT BUY BABY CITY OR BABY LAND OFF EBAY (they are only 3 bucks but they fall apart in days) do not waste your money. 
- Do not buy used until you know what you are buying (as you are prone to buying something not worth what you will pay). 

Happy fluff shopping!


  1. Online is a good place for buying cloths. online there are so many kids shops available for buying good quality kid diapers and links you shared is good.
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  2. Why do you not recommend buying from I Have heard good things on other blogs.

  3. I'm new to cloth diapering land.. and haven't switched just yet.. I'm gathering all my loving your site and have learned ao much already..

    I did stumble upon my LO has tried a few different types and brands of cloth diapers. And I was going to order some from that site because they seem like a good deal.. plus with my large order I'm getting 2 freebies.

    I have submitted my order yet and won't til I know why you don't recommend the site..


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