Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cloth Diaper 101 Video Series

The amazing blogger (mom and new cloth diaper buddy) Rachel Meyers of Positively Mommy filmed my first ever cloth diaper 101 class. The whole series is about two hours long so you will probably want to break it up lest I talk your ear off virtually.  I am happy to answer any questions you have just comment on this post. Start with the first video (above) it is a basic overview of the types of cloth diapers. Happy cloth diapering!

Cloth Diaper 101 Class: Part 2 Accessories You Will Need

How to Wash Cloth Diapers (using mainstream detergent)

Cloth Diapering Overnight: Cheaper and easier than you think

How to Cloth Diaper Twins + a basic overview of flats

How to Cloth Diaper a Newborn: Easily and Inexpensively
+ Q &A Session

You have my undying respect if you made it through. I hope you learned a lot about cloth diapering and feel prepared to start your journey. Remember don't get overwhelmed start off small and try new things overtime. Cloth diapering does not need to be a all or nothing thing. Even using 3 cloth diapers a day will still save you money and help the environment. Likewise you don't need all the accessories of the bat either, keep your disposable wipes and diapers around until you feel comfortable. Pretty soon you will be a cloth diaper pro and be ready to share the fluffy love.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 2014

We had the wonderful chance this month to host G.'s cousins while they were in town for their niece's baby blessing. It was a blast to have them and their two sweet children stay with us. I wish so badly that we had taken more pictures but we just had to much fun to think to take them. 

We have been avoiding the Children's museum because it was so busy this summer with school out. Now with school back in session we were able to go back and have a wonderful time exploring all the exhibits without all the crowds. 

G. and Mr. B got some last minute tickets to the football game last Saturday. They had a blast and Hoden I enjoyed the quiet afternoon at home. He woke up with the best hair ever after his nap. I am so glad I got a picture. Overall its been a wonderful month and we look forward to the rest of Fall and the fun it will bring. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Staycation Week

The second to last week of August we decided to drive up the canyon near our house and do a mini camp out with the boys. We didn't spend the night we just had a campfire and picnic lunch. The boys absolutely loved it. They ate lots of marshmallows but mostly just enjoyed playing in the dirt. 

That night we headed up to G.'s mom's house for her annual Dutch Oven night, its also morphed into my birthday dinner and I absolutely love it because it means I get a dutch oven pineapple upside down cake as my birthday cake. Its a win-win. My mother-in-law is an amazing chef and everything is incredible. We look forward to it every year. 

 The day after dutch over night my parents drove into town and we all met up at a condo/timeshare up in the mountains. The place was incredible and we had a wonderful time. It was the perfect vacation without driving super far. We made so many wonderful memories.

Tuesday we had the fantastic opportunity to tour a LDS temple. It was a absolutely perfect day and you could feel the spirit of God as you walked through the sacred halls/rooms. 

There is a wonderful park near where we stayed where the playground is on astro turf. I am someone who hates bark and other itchy things that normally get in your shoes at parks. I wish it was closer to our house so we could go all the time. Even with how high the play structure was Hodie would clim to the top all by himself. What a brave boy. Mr. B was more concerned with playing on the modern merry go round spinny thing that they had. He could have spun around all day. 

We probably went swimming twice a day everyday the whole week. And when the weather didn't permit the boys used the gigantic tub in the room to "swim." On the last day we had a huge double family get together at the waterpark with my family and G's family. The weather amazing. What a perfect last day at the waterpark. That Sunday (my actual birthday) it was back to business as usual and we spent the day unpacking and lamenting that our fun week had come to a close.