Saturday, March 14, 2015

Lillebaby Complete-All Seasons Review

The Lillebaby Complete is a 6 in one carrier. You can use it from birth to 45 pounds. It has a setting for a newborn/infant to be legs in and legs out. The newborn infant setting can also be used to forward face children that a are at least 3 months and have good head control.  When the baby can comfortably extend their legs the full width of the carrier the regular panel setting can be used.  You can also carry a large child (who sits independently) on your back. Overall its incredibly versatile. 

What makes the All Season model of the Lillebaby unique is that it includes a zip down mesh panel (and a mesh backed waistband) but standard cotton straps (no mesh rubbing on your underarms). I love the this new version of the All Seasons has a zippered hood or phone pocket (previous versions do not have this feature). 

The body panel is 12" without the headrest. The waistband is a wide 6" of padding. 

The total length from base to top of the headrest is 18" I was being wrestled by a toddler so the picture didn't turn out quite right. 

The panel width or seat width is a generous 14.5" inches. When put in a forward facing or infant setting the width is 5 inches at the narrowest point (pictured below). 

The arm strap padding is a generous 23" and the entire length from begging of the straps the end of the padding and canvas is 25". The arm straps are dual adjusting, so you can tighten the straps without being a contortionist. 


This carrier has a lot of arm padding so you get a comfy fit, no buckle rubbing at all.

** Petite wearer note- I was not able to get this thing tight enough in a back carry. I am a size 0/2 and 5'4" and could pull inches of slack off my shoulders with a 18 pound 12 month old. In the third picture down you can see how tight I have it cinched. 

On a positive not the darted seat helps you get a very deep seat for the kiddos bum. I also loved the pad on the chest buckle. 

Because the arm padding is so long you can really pull the chest clip low this is a complain I have with the standard kinder pack (I feel choked by the chest strap). I could have moved the clip down two more inches. This also is great for people who like a low chest clip when back carrying (I am one of them). 

- Runs large (great for a plus size adult) the arm padding is very generous at 24" long.
- No infant insert needed
- Headrest to support the head of a infant or the back of a taller child.
- Unique lumbar support and chest clip cover

- A bad fit for the petite wearer. I am 5'4" and this carrier was HUGE on me. I could not get in clinched tightly enough in a back carry.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Spring in February?

Last Sunday it was a balmy 69!!! Not your usual pre Valentines weather here in the mountains. We aren't complaining one bit. We spent the afternoon teaching B. how to ride his strider bike and as a reward we let each kiddo "ride" on daddy's bike to the mail box and back. They were in heaven. L, was napping at first and wasn't waking up too quickly but ended up perking up when we offered the ride (top right photo). 

New Years Trip

Two days after Christmas we took off to Denver to see my family. It was a whopping 5 degree high several of the days we were there. Our kids were unfazed and still got out and played in the snow as long as we would let them. Overall we had a wonderful time and were so thankful that we got the chance to be reunited with family and friends over the holiday break. 

We have no idea what the context of this picture was, but the faces are priceless. 

Christmas 2014

We spent Christmas Eve at G.'s house. It was so much fun to have a fancy dinner and have all the littles play together. The prime rib was incredible as always (my mother in law is an amazing cook). Then we headed home for our first ever Christmas at home. 

G.'s sister spent Christmas morning with us, the boys loved having her help open presents. As you can probably see, each boy received a ride on toy. Since this was a white Christmas the boys tested out their new wheels around the kitchen island. 

At the last minute I decided to make cinnamon rolls. Shockingly it was my first time ever making them.  I was very proud of how they turned out. If you haven't made your own cinnamon rolls before I highly recommend you give these a try.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Rock A Soak-How to Mineral Deposit Strip Cloth Diapers

What on Earth is a mineral strip and why should I do one?

Even though modern detergents and washing machines do a great job, with America's hard water (very hard water where I live) minerals build up in cloth fibers over time. This build up can lead to dingy clothing, funky smelling towels or sheets, or less than clean cloth diapers. The mineral deposits build up over time and can trap bacteria deep in the cloth fibers, as such I find it well worth the time and cost (minimal) to periodically mineral strip clothing items (cloth diapers included).

With sheets, towels, work clothing etc-
- when clothes aren't coming as clean as you would like out of the wash
- when clothes are feeling stiff or dingy
- Sheets or Towels have never been previous

With diapers its a smart idea to mineral strip them if:

- Your diapers have ammonia or smell funky when they come off of babe (pee smell is fine I am talking about a abnormal funk called "the stinkies" or "barnyard" (follow up after with a bleach strip)
- the diapers were purchased second hand (also to be followed with a bleach strip)
- your diapers aren't as soft or as absorbent as they previously were

In my case my diapers were getting a hint of funk in the diaper pail than I prefer so I decided it was time to strip those suckers.

Ingredients you will need (pictured above):

- Strong mainstream laundry detergent
-3- 6 tbs. Calgon (liquid or powder)
- 3-6 tbs. Borax
- 3-6 tbs. Washing Soda (not baking soda)
- Place to perform the soak
*** I found all of these at Walmart and my local grocery store (not at my Target store unfortunately), you may also use 2 packets of commercially produced RLR (from Amazon)

How to Mineral Strip

Step 1- Start with clean laundry/ diapers fresh out of the wash.

Step 2- Select a place to soak. For me its my bathtub because my HE FL does not have a great soak option.

Step 3-  Fill the soaking location with enough (very) hot water to cover your diapers (or sheets/whatever else you are stripping.

Step 4-
- Add 3 tablespoons of each ingredient to the water and stir them to dissolve. You can double this amount if soaking a large item like a comforter, large load of towels or over 24 diapers. ** you can even strip a pack and play mattress but beware to see some very gunky nasty water.
- Add between line 1-2 of your laundry detergent

Step 5- Add in your items to be stripped. You will need to let them soak until the water cools at a minimum but ideally 4-6 hours (overnight is also okay if thats easier).

Step 6- Wash the items in the washing machine (if that item will fit) or hand rinse it in the tub to remove all the water softener and detergent

Sorry for the bad lighting but hopefully you get the jist. Sometimes the water will be clear it just depends on what was trapped. 

What Next?

If you stripped regular clothing items, towels etc you are DONE. Congrats. As for diapers purchased secondhand, or that have ammonia or bad smelling bacteria build up you will need to bleach strip the diapers. If doing so in your bathtub you will want to do that after adding the bleach to the water. If you have a top loading machine with a bleach dispenser you trust you can add the bleach to the dispenser and go from there. For complete bleaching directions visit my previous post or here (a AMAZING cloth 101 website)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Sightseeing

We felt so blessed to have a such a beautiful day for driving up the coast the weather was heaven and everyone had a great time. 

Well actually we had a good time until a huge wave crashed into us, instantly in-sighting panic in the kiddos so we packed it up and headed to the Pier.