Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sling Time

 The top two slings are my new hybrid pleated shoulder (its a cross between a Esti shoulder and a Oscha style for experienced ring slingers). The bottom left is a gathered shoulder and the bottom right is my standard pleated shoulder. 

I hope to get a regular inventory going. For more information check out my sling blog, http://cutesycarriers.blogspot.com/

Hybrid shoulder with ribbon edge (extra cost)

Hybrid shoulder on my tiny shoulders

Tulip Fun

Egg Hunting

Monday, April 14, 2014

Springtime 2014

Sometimes you think that your kids will totally go along and look adorable in pictures. Then a few snaps late and this happens ... Gotta love kids. 

 A few weeks ago G. put in long hours over a weekend and he got a surprise Tuesday off. We headed up to the Airforce Museum it was amazing. We thought that B. would think it was super cool, he liked it. But H. our baby LOVED it. He was running around pointing to all the planes, making plan noises and just could not get enough. It was adorable. It was such a great day!

And some more pictures of the kiddos.