Friday, May 6, 2016

Birth Story of Miss P.

Miss P's birth story begins back on Saturday (the 30th), we had SO much going on that we had wished and hoped and prayed that P. would wait until May to be born, and wait she did. But that day it was clear that my body was getting ready for her to come. I was experiencing cramping that was noticeable but nothing to slow me down. We continued with our awesome plans of swimming and a family BBQ. Sunday came around and I felt 100% normal. I was almost a bit disappointed. But we had another great relaxed day as a family of 5. 

Monday morning I went to the midwife and asked her to check my dilation, and found I had dilated quite a bit over the weekend (can often mean nothing but I was curious). She did a membrane sweep (at my suggestion) as a way that might jumpstart things. From there I headed to the tulip festival where we walked through the 2 miles not once, but twice. The weather was amazing and I was tolerating walking well so I figured it was the way to go. 

Monday night I was was getting ancy and annoyed at my 7 minute apart Braxton Hick thats seemed to be going nowhere. We packed bags in case things progressed and headed to bed at 10pm. At 2:30 I woke up to pee and because I was feeling painful menstrual cramp like sensations. I was able to go back and lay in bed for an hour and relax through them. Then at 3:30 I needed to be UP so I walked around my house, packed some more, ate and got dressed. G. woke up then and suggested I call my Midwife. I did and she and I talked about how I was still tolerating the contractions really well and she told me to take a bath for an hour and see if they got closer or peetered out. 

While laboring in the water made the contractions tolerable they certainly got stronger and after a half hour we decided to call Grandma to come watch the boys. I was adamant about not walking her up until 5 (silly now), so that was when we told her to get ready but no need to hurry (bad call). About 15 minutes after I was out of the tub with contractions 5 minutes apart that stopped me dead in my tracks. I labored squatting and couldn't bear the idea of going anywhere. I asked G. for a blessing and it was one of the sweetest experiences of my life. I know its how I got through everything.  About then was when I decided I no longer wanted a unmedicated birth and wanted an epidural upon arrival.. Oh how plans change. 

Grandma arrived at 6:15am and we took my last photo, then we jumped in the car. I did better in the car than I would have thought and was able to walk to about the light pole next to the car before a contraction stopped me. A nurse actually ran out with a wheelchair. But oh man could I not bear to sit in it at ALL. 

I got to labor and delivery and they had G. check me in while they tried to mess with a triage room, I refused to get out of the wheelchair other than to walk to a real room. About then my midwife arrived and we headed to my room. From there it was a whirlwind. I was suddenly in full transition unable to process that we were SO close. Someone helped me undress, I reluctantly climbed into the bed. There was unfortunately a crap ton of people (my pet peeve for birth) because of a new computer system (turned out to be the reason my husband got held up at check in). 

The charge nurse ended up staying with us the whole time and she became my coach (dark haired lady by my face. At this point I didn't want anyone touching me, but they still wanted to check me. They found out my waters were about to explode and sure enough they did almost hollywood style. Then they could tell that the baby had already pooped in the amniotic fluid and they wanted her out sooner rather than later. I did NOT want to lay there, push or pretty much be in that moment at all. By then I was so overwhelmed by everything going on ... (not only the pain but there was still SO many freaking people in the room).

By then I was mentally/physically wanting to be done and did not want to push (or pretty muc do anything), I was nearing hysterical and wanted to just wait awhile to push. The head nurse talked me down and reminded me that if I could focus, I could meet my sweet baby girl in no time. I was able to close my eyes and picture her coming out, and then was able to make the decision to do whatever it takes to get her out and safe. 5 minutes and 2-3 pushes later, the nurse was proved right and P. was out, and it was true love at first site.

My recovery has been a breeze and our time with her has been a slice of heaven. She has healed our hearts (the NICU experience with baby L. was quite scarring for all of us). She has been completely doted upon nonstop, and we feel so incredibly blessed to have her in our family. 

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