Sunday, October 10, 2010

Farewell Single Student Housing: Hello Married Apartment #3

I am not sure if G and I mentioned it yet, but anyhow it is definitely time that I mention that we no longer manage student apartment complexes. The whole thing began early in September, when we started toying around with the idea of moving and leaving our jobs as apartment managers. at that time we did not find anywhere that fell into the category of somewhere where we could both afford and enjoy living in.

About a week after that G brought up Wymount (BYU's married student on-campus housing), I had been there before and thought that they were a great place to live, so we began to see if they had any openings. Since Wymount is notoriously hard to get in to, we feel incredibly blessed that an apartment opening was posted while we were online looking. Low and behold it was opening up on September 17th and so we could move in the next week.

We are so thankful for all the friends, family, and ward members that pitched in to get us moved in record timing. Not a small feat given that we moved from and to a second story apartment. I ended up needing to work for part of the morning that we moved and so I was super impressed to hear that it only took an hour to unload the moving van, and this was not do to a lack of stuff, but rather was the result of substantial teamwork.

We have been settled and unpacked for awhile now and we are loving our new place. Although I continued to return to the complex to train my replacement, as of Friday I completed my last day of work and I am now a stay at home mom. It has already been so delightful to spend my mornings walking around the beautiful paths at Wymount. I shamelessly try to strike up conversations with all the women I meet. Although I feel like its hard to be new in a place where there are so many other "new people" (as married student housing has a huge tenant turnover from month to month) we feel that as we continue to meet our neighbors that we will begin to love it here, even more than we already do.

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  1. I know you posted this a while ago, but good for you!! I love getting to know my neighbors, I find a lot of comfort in knowing the people around me even when i know its temporary. Janine lived at Wymount for a while it is a great place to live I thought.