Saturday, November 6, 2010

BYU Spirit!

You know you are a huge BYU fan when you:

3)Bring your 3 month old to the game (Today Nov. 6th)

2) Bring your 2.5 month old to the game. (October ?)

3) You bring your 2 month old. (Sept 25th ish)

4) Bring your 1.5 month old to the game. (Sept. 4th)

So basically in case its not ridiculously obvious, we LOVE watching BYU football games. We credit Mr. B's attendance at the BYU games as the reason he can sleep through almost anything, and almost anywhere. Sometimes we hold him in our arms and he watches the game, and sometimes we put him in the carrier or sling and he takes a snooze. We have absolutely loved getting to have him come to the games with us. He is definitely the cutest Cougar fan (although we are pretty biased)!

1 comment:

  1. Love it! that's great that you guys are able to go as a family and it work out so well. we use to take Belle to the movies and she would sleep through it when she was small. But for some reason now she is a light sleeper unless we are in the car then sh goes out like a brick. Enjoy the photos of him growing soo cute!