Thursday, July 5, 2012

Photo Bomb: San Diego Edition

Why you should definitely be brave and eat somewhere the looks like the picture below :) Holy cow the Strawberry Aqua Fresca and Pork Tacos were to die for. 

Mr. B proved that the passing of a year has helped make him a camping pro, the kid slept through a car alarm twice, and ou trightly asked for his naps. He was pretty stoked that camping near the beach made his day full of his favorite things, DIRT and WATER :)  He was pretty worn out to say the least.

We clearly camp a little differently in 2012 :)

Although we did not go to the iconic San Diego Zoo or Sea World G. and I did take a childfree (thanks mom) day trip to some smaller (and awesome sights) around town. Our favorite hands down was the Midway Mueseum, a naval museum on an aircraft carrier, how freaking cool. 

Although the waves still terrified him, Mr. B absolutely LOVED the sand, can you say toybox on steroids :)

We had an absolute blast, it was a wonderful week filled with family, friends and fun, just what we like.

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