Friday, August 31, 2012

25 years ago

As a little kid I always loved hearing stories about how my parents met, how much they wanted to be parents, how they came up with my name and how I came into the world.

My parents were married in 1983, my Dad graduated from BYU soon after and they wanted to start a family as soon as they could. Well they were not as lucky as they would have liked and struggled to start a family of their own.

I apparently was just as excited to meet them as they were to meet me and so I tried to make an early arrival in early summer (my mom was due Sept 21st or so) so she endured a summer on bedrest in California heat with no air conditioning (love you forever Mom you rock :). Finally a few days after being taken off bedrest my Mom's water broke at 5pm on August 31st and I made a hasty entrance 2 hours later, the Dr. had no even arrived to the hospital yet :)

 Already being a Mom makes me think of my birthday as the very special day that my Mom became a mom :) and over these past 25 years she has done an amazing job. Now 25 years later I too am pregnant on August 31st, and almost exactly as far along she was, and equally as thankful to be having the opportunity of  getting to bring a child into the world.

Thanks again Mom

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday beautiful friend! I hope its a wonderful day! (and that if you really want to, you go into labor) :)