Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Just Hanging Around

Sadly L. can only get sponge baths until his final surgery so we keep him squeeky clean by bathing him at the sink and big brother Mr. B in the tub. They look forward to lots of bathtime shenanigans in the future. 

We have 1 o clock Sunday meetings this year (thankfully we switch starting in January) so we spend the entire time in our pajamas. Per tradition we take a grandparent picture every Sunday morning and this is last weeks. As you can tell from previous posts I adore dressing the boys in matching Carter's pajamas. I wish they all matched :)

As you have probably noticed every post has pictures of baby L. smiling and this is no exception, as we just absolutely cannot get enough of the little man's fabulous cheeks. You just want to eat them, you can definitely tell the kid likes to eat. 

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  1. He has such a cute smile! I love the matching pajamas :)