Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cloth Diapering On the Cheap: Newborn Edition

Little man Hoden at 8 weeks old in a newborn cloth diaper

"One size" cloth diapers like other one size fits all things do not actually fit babies of all sizes. I feel like most brands did not fit Hoden well until he was over 12 pounds. As such I feel like it is a good investment to have diapers that fit well during that 6-12 pound range where babies go through sooooo many diaper changes. Many people need 24-36 diaper changes in two days during the first few months. Many cloth diaper companies sell newborn diapers but a lot are very expensive. I am going to discuss the budget options :). 

Option 1: Cheap Minimalist Stashes

25 Flour Sack Towels to fold and use as Flats 

6 covers (get the minkee that can be wiped clean)

snappi cloth diaper pin alternative

You can lay the diapers in like this or snappi them like below (which is much easier than it looks)

Option 2:  For tinier babies

24-36  newborn prefolds and 6 covers

These prefolds will be less bulky but the baby may outgrow the absorbency sooner, whereas with infant or small prefolds most babies can use them stuffed into pockets for another year. I also LOVE the nickis diaper bamboo prefolds. 

6 covers

Snappi (cloth diaper pin alternative)

Option 3: Fitteds with covers

Fitteds are prefold that has snaps, they still need covers

Covers: 4

Other Options:

You can also get some "All in Ones" that you put on all in one piece they are 8 dollars a piece and fit from 5-9 pounds. Do not get microfiber aio they are compression leak prone and hard to wash. 

Happy cloth diapering :)