Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Flats and Prefolds

Prefold and covers may seem like a daunting option when it comes to cloth diapering. But with a little practice they are quick and easy. They are super cheap and wash up very easily (making them ideal for a small washing machine or even hand washing). I honestly thought I would hate them and took over a year of cloth diapering to even try them. I really wish I had given them a shot sooner, now I love them. 

With prefolds you can fold them in thirds and lay them in a cover or attach them directly to the baby using pins, a snappi or boingos. I prefer using a "jelly roll" fold and a snappi. I roll the outward edges and pull the prefold up between the thighs. There are tons of other variations. YouTube has great videos. 


A flat is even more old school that a prefold.  It is simply on a one layer fabric square. You can fold it in a rectangle and lay it in a cover or attach it to the baby. There are at least 10 different folds (again YouTube is great). I just go easy and fold it into a rectangle (ignore the prefold laid on top as it was for overnight). Flats are even cheaper than prefolds, heck flour sack dish towels make great flats. They wash great even by hand, a great thing to have in any cloth diaper or even a disposable diaper stash (if you had a emergency where power was out and stores were closed). 

Like I said I go easy and "pad fold":

Then you are ready to put a cover over the flat or to place the flat inside the cover. Its easier than it looks I promise. 

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