Sunday, January 31, 2010

Its a BABY!!!!

After a long absence from blogging G and I are proud to report that we are expecting, although this is perhaps fairly obvious from the picture of our little one. Currently I am just over 12 weeks along, I am due August 13th, and this is our first ultrasound done only a day or so ago. We were very impressed to get such a good ultrasound photo given the acrobatic nature of this baby. The entire sonogram, it was doing backflips, rolling over, and swimming around. It was clearly trying to take advantage of all the space it currently has (a good idea if you ask me given that in a few weeks or months it will have very little room). They measured it to be about 6 cm long and its little heartbeat (that to me sounds like a steam train engine) was a healthy 158 bpm. We plan on finding out the gender at the end of March.

We are beyond excited! I am happy to report that I am feeling great, no morning sickness, just starving all the time, and learning that this pregnancy has given me an unrelenting desire to eat boneless buffalo wings. We are so happy to also report that everything is going well healthwise with both the baby and I and as such we are enjoying telling the world our happy news.

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