Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas & Big News

As you can see, we finally got a family picture taken. We feel a little bad that this did not happen sooner, but we now think it was worth the wait (now that Mr. B can smile). Soon to come are family pictures of C's family, well as soon as we find one that all of us are actually looking and smiling.

I am not sure whether to start with news or with how Christmas with the C's family went so I guess I will begin with Christmas. We headed out on the 19th (I think), our roadtrip was delightfully uneventful. Mr. B did very well (he only experience a minor carseat induced mental braekdown at hour 7 of the 8 hour tip to Denver.

He got plenty of attention once we arrived. I have never felt so blessed to have an attention hungry child he my life. I am pretty sure that Mr. B never spent more that 5 min. alone (as in not in arms or being played with directly). We went to the ward Christmas party and Mr. B got to be Santa Claus (and he made such an adorable one too). The whole week was positively wonderful, we feel so blessed that we had such a wonderful time with so much wonderful family and friends.

Last but not least G recently interviewed for and received a full-time position with Brigham Young University's OIT department. He will finish his last couple classed one at a time (with BYU paying for them). We feel so incredibly blessed for the opportunities that this will bring our family, yet we are a little sad that we will have to leave our friends at Wymount. We are not yet sure where we will move so more on that later. Happy Holidays!

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