Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas on the 11th :)

G and I rotate going to my family or his family's house for Christmas and Thanksgiving (conveniently his brother and our sister in law follow the same rotation). As such we had a lovely Thanksgiving in Bountiful with the Freestone clan. Mr. B enjoyed all the pie (not really, but he thought the whip cream on his lip was rather fascinating).

We have kept up with our tradition of going to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights, sadly the weather was a bone chilling 15 degrees, so we bundled Mr. B up like the kid on Christmas story and headed out anyways. We made our way in and out of all the buildings to keep adequately warm.

Last but not least, G's family celebrated "Christmas on the 11th" (as mentioned in the title). We ate a Christmas breakfast and opened presents in our pajamas, and spent the afternoon playing with new toys. It was lovely, and we feel so blessed that we have a whole other Christmas to look forward to. We love all of our family and think its so amazing that we get to see everybody this holiday season.

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  1. What a cutie! Those cheeks and little double chin are just darling!!