Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October From My Phone :)

My camera and my computer are officially not on speaking terms. It is very sad I have tried to reason with them but they still refuse. (Basically my pictures are stuck on my camera until further notice). Oh well, at least I live in an awesome age where cell phone pictures are actually re-postable quality, unlike the pictures my past non-smart phones took.

Football Fun:

Denver Trip:

Last week G. and I (along with Mr. B) took a delightful trip home (to where I am from) to see family and friends. Not only did we get to take advantage of awesome 35 dollar Southwest flights, no baggage was lost, and both planes arrived on time. The trip was a blast!

Mr. B cuddling with Uncle John after getting a boo boo.

 Eating homemade ice with Grandpa

Family Fun Back at Home:

While hanging out with Grandma Sherri the other day Mr. B decided that he thought her glasses would look good on him. He loved them, and because G. wore glasses as a baby, it was fun to see just how much he looks like his daddy did as a little kid.

Mr. B has not handled teething well, and yesterday he just did not seem to want anything. Thankfully his Aunt had a great idea. Cuddle time with mommy's sling. By this morning it was all good, as long as he was in the box of fun (ie the toybox).

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