Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Forget Not

On Saturday I went to the LDS women's (Relief Society) meeting worldwide broadcast. Not only was it awesome to get to go with my awesome mother in law and sister in law, it was so great to hear such inspiring words.

Now I know there was amazing messages given by the presidency, but I was not even a fraction as touched as I was by the talk given by President Uchdorf's talk. His talk was centered around the beautiful Forget Me Not flower. I would love to summarize his entire talk but my darling little Mr. B. wants me off the computer asap. So I borrowed this gem (I found it uncited on facebook so if you know who did it let me know).

My favorite (not the most significant though) was when he gave examples of good and foolish sacrifices.
He talked about a mother who sacrifices sleep to comfort a child who has had a nightmare is an example of a good sacrifice. Whereas someone who spends all night staying up to make handouts for her Sunday school lesson did not choose the more worthwhile sacrifice. I loved this because every time I taught I never ever ever made a handout.

Likewise I loved how he reminded us that we too often as women compare our weaknesses to someone else's strengths. I am so super guilty of this. In my mind every sews better, parents better, cleans better and cooks better than I do.

Pretty much the entire talk was amazing and I plan on listening to it again and again.

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