Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Almost There

After Mr. B's birthday it became a little hard to mentally process the idea of being pregnant in the month of August :) We coped marvelously by taking frequent trips to the water park. We discovered that Mr. B is a die hard water slide fan. He will go down even the scariest of tube slides on his daddy's lap. Being pregnant and such I obviously could not go down with them but I was able to watch and cheer them on. Even if the little guy was scared at any point he would bob up out of the water at the bottom and soon be saying "gain, gain" or "more, more" oh man we love that little boy.

But sometimes summer fun just gets exhausting :)

In other news I learned first hand that quiet does not mean clean :) Hurray for spreading juice in your left over ketcup.

Little man number 2 is still growing every day. Despite the concerns expressed to my mother, if anyone would like to know I really have gained 30 pounds (bet you can't guess where its stashed :) and am healthy as a horse. I feel incredibly blessed, I am not taking this for granted one bit. 38.5 weeks and counting

If you can ignore the little loose thread :) then I am happy to show the sling I made, not to sell or give away but for my very own little man. This thing is made of the new fabric tencel I keep raving about and I am dying to get to snuggle my little newborn in it.

Also as far as baby stuff we put together our new double stroller (thank you family) and Mr. B would not get out of it, he keep saying "ride, ride" over and over again. So cute.

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