Saturday, October 27, 2012

6 Week Update

The Logermeister is growing like a weed. My adorable little chunk I swear is almost 11 pounds and busting out of his 0-3 month clothes and starting to get leg rolls. I spend a good hour a day kissing his chubby cheeks. Mr. B is in love with him too, not jealous by any means, instead he is more of a toddler style tough love, as in a smother him with kisses kind of thing. We hope he figures out his little brother needs him to be a bit more gentle, but oh man is it sweet to see how much B loves him.

We are so excited to announce that you are at the end of having to view my crappy cell phone pictures as we are the proud owner of a "fancy pants camera." I fear the number of pictures taken of our children is about to skyrocket. But hey their only little once right :)

As you can see from the pictures below I have had way too much fun getting to reuse the same 0-3 month clothes, I loved the outfits we had and definitely felt they did not get nearly enough use.

B. is on the left at one week and L is on the right at 4 weeks.

Behold the Logermeister (6 weeks) and his brother B at 8 weeks. Such a cute outfit from Grandpa.

Again L on the Left and B on the right. Okay so not the happiest but both were even cute crying.

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  1. Cute!! Love the side-by-sides. And I know those are hard, because I recently failed doing that on my own blog. Ha!

    Glad to hear B loves L. Rachel is a bit too rough on Wesley as well, but it's just so cute!