Monday, October 1, 2012


Hurray Mr. Logan is now tube free (he had had a large suction tube down his throat all last week) although he was briefly on a feeding tube the first day of feedings (as pictured above) but the kid absolutely would not tolerate and went to the extreme of ripping it out on three occasions, so we gave permission for the kiddo to get his feedings by bottle if I am not there to nurse him instead. 

On another positive note Logan has been declared all healed from surgery and has been eating on a schedule every three hours to see how he is digesting. That is up until today where he got to eat as much as he wants. Sadly that amount is only a third of what a newborn needs (even a breastfed infant) so until we can convince little man to stay awake long enough to eat how much he needs to he has more NICU time ahead of him. Thankfully they are taking excellent care of him and for that we feel very blessed. 


  1. Yay for recovering! Glad to hear the good news so far :)

  2. Hi, my name is Kim. I hope this doesn't come across as creepy, but I saw your blog linked over at my cousin Jenni Holman's blog. Your husband looks super familiar to me, did his mom used to teach elementary school? Sorry, I don't want to say your last name in cyberspace, since I didn't see it posted on your blog. I'm pretty sure your mother-in-law was my 4th grade teacher, and one of my favorite teachers ever! Anyway, that was super random I know. So sorry to hear your little boy is struggling, but my prayers and best wishes go out to you and your cute family!