Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cabin Fever

This winter has been full of record lows. A non-homebody like me is finding it pretty hard to spend day after day inside because even bundled up the air stings your skin and you don't dare take a baby or toddler out into it either. Church and Warlmart have been the highlight excursions of our weeks, insert sad face. I am soooo looking forward to summer. So in the meantime we have been trying to find was to entertain ourselves. We have made great use of our little kids roller coaster. Hoden thinks its a riot, although sometimes it scares him. 

Last Saturday we busted out the cookbooks and made some Texas Sheet Cake. Yeah two sticks of butter later we found ourselves with enough cake that we were calling the neighbors to come over and share. It was so yummy but then again anything from Our Best Bites is. 

Tickle fights have also been a staple activity as Hoden and Mr. B are both incredibly ticklish :) Hopefully we can get some forty degree temperatures that at least make it possible to go out and do errands and other out of the house stuff :) 

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