Monday, January 14, 2013

Imagine Brand Newborn Covers

As someone who googles everything before buying something I am always on the hunt for a good solid review. So I decided that since one of the brands of covers we used for Hoden is fairly new I should write a review of how their covers worked for us (I did not receive any products for this review).

You can buy the Imagine brand exclusively through, they have their own section and within it their are all types of inexpensive cloth diaper options.  The cover I have been using is the velcro newborn cover in marigold, they are a great deal at eight bucks a pop. You use about 6-8 covers to cloth diaper a newborn (and a future sibling, as the covers only get used 3 months) so you want them cheap.  

I bought one thinking I would not use the covers and prefolds system of cloth diapers but I was wrong (previous post about that). So I am sooo glad I had this on hand to use. It has gone through the wash and dryer (out of my laziness) and still looks brand new after a month and a half of use (my son was in the nicu but full term so we were delayed in using it.  Overall we were very pleased at well it is holding up and working for us. We have not had any leaks from fit issues. If our baby was a newborn still we would definitely be buying more. 

For those of you unfamiliar with using prefolds and covers I have taken pictures of the Imagine newborn cover with a prefold as we fold it. Some people use diaper fasteners on their prefolds but Hoden was too fat for that so we folded the prefolds and layed them in the covers like this. I hope it makes sense. It works super well for a little boy who loves to pee.

Then just set your baby on top and velcro or snap away!

Now for the best part, the modeling (or the baby thighs :)

Crappy phone picture front shot :)

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