Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hodie's Big News! / Other stuff :)

Although it was already on facebook, we are proud to announce that starting next week after his surgery Hodie will be creating poopy diapers like a normal healthy 5 month old. We couldn't be more excited, although we feel terrible that he has to undergo another surgery, we pray he will be a trooper like all the other times. Oh man he is so cute, I get so much less done because I want to stare at his adorableness.

Don't worry I find this kiddo irresistible as well. He is just so much fun these days. 

Hodie has been blowing raspberries so fun to listen to. 


Although super boring we have been rearranging furniture and we love it so much this is the Before:

 This is the After: We love it!

We also have moved Hodie out of our room and into his pre moving into big brother's room "room" our closet :) Don't worry he likes it. 

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