Friday, September 5, 2014

Extended Cloth Diapering

Most parents excitedly count down the days until their child is ready to potty learn. They can’t wait for their diapering days to be over. Yet for some kids the typical potty training age comes and goes. Whether its due to medical or developmental challenges some children may spend a few extra years (or possibly forever in diapers). Yet pull ups and larger sizes of disposable diapers can get incredibly expensive, placing a huge financial burden on families that are usually cash strapped as is. Sadly in these situations cloth is often overlooked as an option. Some families fear that cloth diapering will be too expensive or too much work. Others simply didn’t even know about cloth diapering at all. Because of my son’s medical condition we have had to explore our options for the future and have found a variety of options.

When the problem is simply that a kiddo is too big for typical “one size” cloth diapers sized diapers and adjustable absorbency trainers fit the bill. Brands like Thirsties and Blueberry have a size 2 diapers that fits a 40 pound child comfortably. Fuzzibunz also also offers a XL that will fit 40-55 pounds and a xxl that will fit 50-70 pounds. Adjustable absorbency trainers and special night time trainers may also be an option (sewn in soaker trainers alone won’t replace a diaper but doublers can provide extra absorbency). There are options on even the tightest of budgets the cheapest option will be large sizecovers and toddler size prefolds. Or for those into DIY they can sew their own extended size diapers.

Even if the child does not require the full absorbency of diaper a child may continue to have issues (such as minor bowel and bladder incontinence) that warrants some type of waterproof underclothing. For these children cloth diaper trainers are a great option. They often come in sizes beyond the “one size” 10-35 lbs while providing just enough absorbency to prevent accidents from affecting the child’s clothing (and the embarrassment that that can cause). Cloth diaper trainers also often look like underwear making them a great options for kids that are self conscious about wearing disposable pull on diapers.

While a stash of extended size diapers may seem expensive, when you consider that some children will spend much more than the typical 3 years in diapers the savings of cloth become even more substantial. Cloth diapering is not just for the average sized, normal peeing/pooping kiddo. Cloth diapers are an option for all with diapering needs. Whether your kiddo simply has outgrown their “one size” diaper, an option for small accidents or a permanent incontinence, there is a cloth diaper type/system that will work for them.

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  1. Thank you for this article. I cloth diaper my son. He has down syndrome and we might have to diaper longer. Your information here is very helpful. Thank you!