Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 2014

We had the wonderful chance this month to host G.'s cousins while they were in town for their niece's baby blessing. It was a blast to have them and their two sweet children stay with us. I wish so badly that we had taken more pictures but we just had to much fun to think to take them. 

We have been avoiding the Children's museum because it was so busy this summer with school out. Now with school back in session we were able to go back and have a wonderful time exploring all the exhibits without all the crowds. 

G. and Mr. B got some last minute tickets to the football game last Saturday. They had a blast and Hoden I enjoyed the quiet afternoon at home. He woke up with the best hair ever after his nap. I am so glad I got a picture. Overall its been a wonderful month and we look forward to the rest of Fall and the fun it will bring. 

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