Thursday, April 2, 2015

Infant Colostomy Tutorial

After our sons ostomy was performed the NICU team and wound care struggled to teach us a method that would allow the ostomy bags to stick for more than a few minutes. We turned to the internet and found this amazing blog that gave us some great suggestions. We were able to secure the supplies they used and went to work trying them. The difference was night and day. We decided to build on their tutorial and added some step by step pictures of the process. We recommend you read there blog for in depth tips and descriptions and use ours for a visual guide. 

Their blog is here:

We used Imgur for our post:

Best of luck. Its very overwhelming at first but it gets easier. We found great support in online communities (most have moved to Facebook), its great to be able to troubleshoot with parents who have been there or are there right now. 

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