Friday, October 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Fall in Provo has been absolutely beautiful. G and I cannot get over how gorgeous all the trees are. As such we took the time and drive the Alpine Loop which is a road that goes from Sundance to American Fork Canyon. The picture in this post is a picture that we took there.
When Fall first arrived it wasn't so beautiful, rather it was freezing and we found ourselves turning up the thermostat. Although this sounds like a mundane activity I cannot even begin to express the sheer delight I experience every time I turn on our heater. I do not mind that it sounds like a hurricane and the fact that it jacks up the heating bill.
This gratitude is the result of the lack of a working heater in our first apartment. It not only lacked a heater, it lacked a garbage disposal, dishwasher, closets, and a bathroom mirror. Nonetheless we loved it.
However our new apartment compared to that one is a palace. Although it is the same size or smaller I now have a heater, disposal, dishwasher, 5 closets, a pantry, and 2 bathroom mirrors, and two bedrooms, and it came fully furnished. I am in heaven. I know delight in cooking knowing that I will not have to clean the pans I use in a sink that is deeper than 4 inches (I wish I was exaggerating).
G and I feel incredibly blessed to be living here. In that we will live here till G graduates we have invested our time, and a little of our hard earned money towards decorating the apartment and we are very proud of the results.
G is still enjoying his classes (not the homework, but the classes), and I am loving managing and am also loving being a nanny to two adorable little girls.

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