Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fluffy Butts

 Mr. B rockin a Bum Genius 4.0 (almost identical to the Fuzzi Bunz diaper I reviewed below).  

Today I mailed back my cloth diaper trial early, not because I gave up because it I had started to aquire enough diapers of my own and thought I may as well mail them back while they are all clean at once.

I had the option to keep and therefore purchase each diaper, I decided to mail them all back, each diaper for a different reason that I will explain. 

Fuzzibunz Perfect Size :
     Pros: Awesome soft inserts (minky instead of microfiber), no leaks at night when using both inserts it   comes with. Super well known easy to find used and at stores that sell cloth diapers.
    Cons: Not adjustable in the rise, meaning it has a small size window, Mr. B was already a little too big for this one. $19.95 a little too steep for me.

Bum Genius Freetime:
     Pros: easy easy easy, all one piece, velcro just like a disposable, these will covert anyone to cloth diapers. They also are adjustable in size fitting 10-30 pound kids. They dry fast (other one piece diapers don't but this one the inserts are sewn in like flaps instead of one on top of another).
     Cons: I sadly do not have $19.95 to spend on one diaper but when these babies go on sale I am buying a bunch, I love them.

Flips (they look just like a Bum Genius on the outside:
     Pros:This is a cover/insert system, so whats awesome if the kid only peed in it, you drop the insert in the pail, place a new one in and you are good to go, so you save money only owning a few covers and more inserts. You can also stuff this with anything, cheap old school prefolds (that most people use as burp cloths) or any insert made by any company. $16.95 for one cover and insert, you can buy extra inserts at 4-5 dollars a piece and they often go onsale.
     Cons:I have none, I love them. 

Hate to bore you any further, I will spread these out as I have a few more to go. Anyhow here is a parting picture of Mr. B rockin a Dr. Suess Bumkins diaper cover. I absolutely love it. 

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