Tuesday, May 1, 2012

All Things Blue

In case you missed it from Facebook, or via the family grapevine, we found out we are expecting another baby boy (his expected due date is still mid sept).  He was much less of an exhibitionist than Mr. B was but it was still pretty easy to tell that he is a boy.

We are so excited for Mr. B to have a little brother. It will be so wonderful for them to play together. It will also be super practical bedroom sharing and cloth hand me downs wise. Even though we would love to have a daughter someday we are so happy that this little one is a boy. He likes having a buddy (this is the little boy I watch).

More important that finding out the gender we found out the baby measures perfectly and is the epitome of health. We are elated by the news. We feel so incredibly blessed and cannot wait to meet the little man.

He is growing like crazy and trying to find a comfy spot, some days its super against my back and I look like a normal person. And some days I look like I did on Sunday :) or that I smuggled a ball into my church dress.

20 weeks

19 weeks

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