Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dirt, Rocks and Dreams Coming True


After days and weeks spent discussing how and what we do in regards to landscaping our yard we decided that we were in over our heads and decided to consult a professional landscaper. We were in luck in that our three neighbors all in a row decided the same thing, and so all four of us got a great deal through a fellow neighbor and ward member (church member).

For the past week, our yard has been full of backhoes, bobcat's and dump trucks of dirt. It has been a little boy's dream come true out there for sure. Although its not 100% finished yet, we have a flat yard now thanks to a fancy retaining wall and the tireless effort of the workers who spend days grading and filling.

Basically we are giddy with excitement and cannot wait for them to finish putting in the plants, rocks, bark and the glorious sod (or grass). One week from now if you are having trouble reaching me, I will be lounging in my backyard on my grass without a care in the world :) and you are welcome to come join us.

Almost Done: