Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What A Dream Come True

I cannot even begin to articulate how blessed I feel these days. As a family we truly feel like we are seeing all of our dreams come true, it is rather overwhelming, but is definitely something we do not take for granted.

In a world where millions of people struggle to find food shelter. We always have food to eat, and we have a beautiful home of our own to live in (and even more awesome it now has a yard).

My heart aches to know so many people who would love nothing more to be able to have children to call their own and by the end of summer we will have two little sweet boys filling our home with joy.

I am married to my best friend, who as of this weekend drove 1000 miles so that he could be with me this weekend (I was in Denver visiting family and he was previously unable to come, but he rearranged his schedule and drove out there alone as a surprise). I could not ask for anything more in a husband and father of my children.

I have a family that loves and supports me (from both sides too, how awesome is that :)

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