Friday, September 28, 2012

Feed Me!!!

Last night was a very very very hard night for Mr. Logan, basically the day came where his tummy started "turning back on" after his surgery and this kid was less than amused about being hungry without the okay from the surgeon to be able to eat. He would chew on his pacifier like he was going to bite a hole in it. (Apparently they started hiding in his crib because when I got there this morning I rounded them up :)

Me ie "the milk lady" holding him really ticked him off, like smelling bacon cooking when you are supposed to be fasting. Poor kid. The nurses said he only slept in 20 minute spurts before waking up in search of food. The neonatologist finally approved the poor little guy to be sedated until the surgeon could come in and take a look at him. Sure enough he took a look and declared that the nurse could start giving the hungry guy "some Big Mac's" or in other words Mommy's Milk. 

They have to initially insert it down his nose in tiny increments to monitor how he handles it. As soon as the good stuff hit his stomach he was a happy boy. Sadly the amount was sooo little only an ounce. Within an hour he was crying for more, too bad they have to start him on a three hour schedule for monitoring of his digestion. Oh man it will be another long night for my hungry little boy. We pray he handles them well and that they can keep feeding him more and more. 


  1. Oh, Charlene, I so know what you're going through. Taylor got NEC and thankfully they caught it soon enough that she didn't need surgery. But, she was on antibiotics and gut rest for 10 days. They were giving her a good amount of calories through her PIC line, but she was still HUNGRY! I'm so glad things are moving forward though and that you're able to start feedings. The process of getting a newborn out of the NICU can be painfully slow, so hang in there - it will come to an end :) Lots of prayers for your family.

    --Amber Pena

  2. It's good that he's feeling hungry, though, right? Poor little guy.