Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Day In The Life

Holy cow I love this little boy :) He is so close to consistently smiling. It melts my heart. 

So this morning with facebook and the general media a buzz with the news of the presidential election, I reflected how around here it is business as usual.

 So just like any other Wednesday today is babysitting day. It is definitely B's favorite days or days of the week. He adores his buddy (and his sister) that come over and play with us. 

They play with the same Little Tykes fort I had as a kid, how awesome. They also get to play in the same cool type of pop up tent I had. 

We also spend the day, playing with toy cars, running around the house :), coloring in our coloring books, dumping a bazillion legos and going down our tow slide. If its not freezing we even venture to the park. 

Baby L. simply chills in his sling :)  

We love our life, its crazy, its messy but their is lots of giggles and smiles.

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