Monday, November 12, 2012

Frosty The Snowman

 After a beautiful spring like 67 on Thursday, Friday came a thunderstorm followed by blizzard thick snow . . . For about an hour, then snowed ever so slightly into the next day. We were left with a measly inch by noon on Saturday. It left our plans of playing in the snow a little high and dry. So we headed north about twenty minutes to our Brother and Sister in Law's house who had, get this . . . 2 feet! craziness I tell you. But it was awesome and we had so much fun.

We almost didn't make it out into the snow as Mr. B out rightly refused to wear his mittens. We finally decided to let him see for himself how cold the snow really is, and the silly boy didn't seem to care. He finally consented to putting on a thin pair of knit mittons my sister-in-law had and wore them for over and hour. The poor kid's hands were icicles but he didn't mind and all and even partook in a snowball fight. 

But he and his cousin thought it was even cooler that you can eat snow. 

I realized well on our way that Baby L's snowsuit from his big brother is a size or two too big and so I macgyvered a solution. L. wasn't too pleased but it did the job. 

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