Thursday, June 13, 2013

DIY Pail Liner/Large Wetbag

When I first started started cloth diapering I had this liner. Anyhow it was two layers and it was getting water and bubbles caught inside it which was making rinsing my diapers take forever. So I decided to make my own. 

I bought this fabric from JoAnns, I bought a ton but the amount you need is measure the height of your trash  can plus a few inches to hang over, then measure the circumference of the top of the trash can this is your fabric amount to buy so for me it was 1/2 yard). 

I decided that since the fabric is 60" across I would just fold it over and only have to sew up the two sides Depending on how much you buy you could fold over a side instead. Whatever makes it easiest for you. I hemmed to the top 3/4 inch but the amount is up to you. I sewed a straight stitch with a ball point needle and polyester thread. 

Then I sewed up the sides. You really have to hold the fabric tight together or use a walking foot because the PUL is sticky and can shift while going through your machine. 

Hurray! All done. Wasn't that so fast. I am pretty crappy at sewing and this gave me no trouble at all. 

I like the print hanging over the outside of my pail so the below picture is just so you can see it. Now you need to toss this sucker in your machine or get it sopping wet. Then throw it in the dryer to heat seal the needle holes. 

Once it is all dry you are ready to go. Pop that sucker in your pail and now you have a reusable cute and cheap pail liner. After coupons and sale at Joanns I spent 12 dollars on enough for 3 of these. 

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