Saturday, June 29, 2013

Staycation :)

Although we were planning on hitting up our city's parade today the 100 plus degree weather made us thing that we were better off heading up the mountains instead. We went to a mountain spring and walked around a bit (we are not hikers). Then we headed to a super fun burger place centered around trains (Mr. B was in love with the train table in the eating area). Then we headed into a different canyon to play in a gorgeous park that had a bone chillingly cold stream running through it. Mr. B played until his legs were shaking and his lips were blue. We finally headed home late that afternoon feeling like we made the right choice. Only problem now is wanting to go back there really really badly. I think we have found a new favorite park. Pardon the scenery photos but we were just incredibly excited to see something other than suburbia. Happy summer :)

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