Thursday, June 20, 2013

June Bugs

This month has been a fun one. Although we haven't gone anywhere exciting lots of cool things have happened. Baby Hoden spent a whole week sleeping through the night (sadly that was short lived), he has also become super keen on feeding himself. Mr. B potty trained, he took to it quickly and has done awesome even if out of the house, for his efforts he earned a super cool Buzz Lightyear toy, it is pretty sweet. G. turned 26 this week and finished his degree on the same day. We are sooo proud of him and so happy that he no longer has homework and class anymore (hello getting to go to Lake Powell next year).  As for me my only exciting thing was getting my blog about cloth diapering Hoden featured on a huge cloth diapering blog. We as a family got to also take my brothers up to the MTC so exciting, when did they get so old. 

We have already been to the local water park a few times and hope to keep up going at least once a week. Mr. B will spend as much time in the water as allowed and usually gets pulled out forcibly with blue lips and goosebumps. Baby Hoden, has also taken to the water like a fish and loves playing in the water. I love my water babies. 

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