Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Birthdays and Labor Days

This weekend was so much fun. It started with us going boating and we sadly did not bring the memory card on the camera. Face palm. . . Anyhow, Saturday it was my birthday (this picture is from celebrating the week before though) and we packed up to go camping. It poured BUCKETS it was insane. So ten minutres after getting there we headed back down the mountain. We ended up speding the night with one of the families we had inteded to camp with. The next day turned out to be even more rainy up there so we spent the morning hangning out outside then headed on back home. 

So yep I am 26 years old :( I really am pathetically sad to not be 25 anymore. I have been blessed beyond belief. They have been wonderful amazing years. But I know that the best are yet to come. 

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