Thursday, September 12, 2013

One Year Ago Today

Pardon the awesome 9 months pregnant shot. I know I look like a giant bumble bee :) but oh well still pretty cute at least. I have no idea why I was all dolled up but maybe it was just because I needed to feel cute after a long day of furiously nesting making sure everything was all ready to go.  I probably soaked mopped floors, organized closets, cleaned bathrooms or who know maybe I just took a good long nap.

What I do remember is that that night we went to Texas Roadhouse and that I stuffed myself full of delicious steak. We were a happy little family of 3.5. We enjoyed each other's company and tried to forget about how nervous we were about becoming a family of four. We were also incredibly excited! We knew that Mr. B was going to love his new baby brother, G. was excited to have another awesome son and I couldn't wait to have itty bitty newborn to cuddle and carry. Life was perfect that day. What a blessing it was to have such a perfect day to help us through the harder days that would follow. 

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