Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Hoden!!!

The day you were born was a perfect day. We snuggled and cuddled you. Admired your perfect ten fingers and ten toes. Stroked your adorable double chin and perfect pot belly. You were the perfect image of health., you nursed like a champ and slept well. We paitently waited for your first black tar poop. That day we were full of hope for your future, we knew that you would accomplish great things.

 We had no idea that just 36 hours after you were born you would have Dr's incredibly concerned. Or that just the day after you were born you would be taken from our loving arms and ambulanced to a bigger and more advanced hospital. We didn't know that our precious perfect baby would need multiple surgeries to correct his birth defect. 

On that day he was just our perfect sweet healthy baby boy. Which is exactly what he is today. 

At his appointment this morning he was 22 lbs (60th percentile), 29"" tall (45th percentile) with a huge noggin.

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