Sunday, January 12, 2014


We really went all out this year putting up Christmas decorations. It was so happy and fun to have them up for so long (we put them up pre-Thanksgiving, yep we are those people). The picture of the gingerbread houses and Santa pictures are from an amazing Christmas festival that benefits the local Children's hospital. We love going and supporting a good cause. We feel like this year has been incredibly blessing in regards to amazing Dr's from said hospital. The boys as you can see were less than thrilled with Santa but thankfully were not terrified. 



G's family does an amazing Christmas dinner and so on year's where the kids are with in laws we celebrate on a Saturday earlier in December. We spent a great day looking at old pictures and home movies before goourging ourselves on the amazing food that G's mom makes. Seriously though those potatoes were gorgeous and tasted even better than they looked. The boys got a kitchen from Santa and it was a hit. It has been so much fun seeing them play with it. 

After celebrating an early Christmas with G's family we headed to my parent's house for Christmas and my sister's wedding. Combining such festive occasions was a little crazy but it was great to get to see my Aunts (who live in CA) and family friends (at the wedding). 

This picture almost pains me. You can tell that we were less than photogenic that morning. So we just went to what we know and started tickling the kiddos. 

 When all was said and done we were pretty tuckered out. Hoden is a kiddo who runs until he drops and drop he did. 

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