Thursday, January 23, 2014

Moderately Priced Cloth Diaper Stash Recommendation

I have posted on what I tried over time what I recommend on a small budget, and now its time for a moderately priced stash post. Stuff that I wish I had bought from the start. This stash includes all "one size diapers that fit 12-30 pounds) and will include overnight diapers, and daily use diapers. I believe in variety so bare with me because I would own a few types.

Basic Diapers (6-24 changes):

At home we use prefolds and covers, they are cheap, incredibly absorbent, and wash up amazingly soft. Since they don't quite go on as fast as disposables we tend to use them primarily at home (although if you own a few extra covers they can still work out and about too). For a stash that is partially prefolds I would want 12 prefolds and 4-5 covers.

- Prefolds or flats (absorbent diapers you attach to the baby and use with a cover). My favorite have been the NickisDiapers (formerly Imagine brand) Bamboo prefolds/flats in the medium size (for prefolds and large for flats, they are the softest and most absorbent of any brand I have tried. They are the perfect size to lay in a cover at a medium setting. I also recommend Green Mountain Diaper cloth eeze prefolds.

-Covers- No cover will fit every baby but I have had great luck with several brands. The first are the new Nickis Diaper Covers (simply amazing), they have a flap that holds a insert or prefold in place and are only 9 bucks a piece. They are great for daytime and overnight. We also like Bum Genius Flips and Diaper Safari Covers. For overnight specifically we like our Thirsties, and Blueberry Coveralls (they are bulky for daytime but amazing for naps and overnight).

- 2 Snappis or other fastening device if want a trimmer fit for the prefold

Out and About (6-8 changes):

I like to keep 2-3 diapers in the diaper bag, 2 as extras in the car and 2-3 at the changing table ready to go for babysitters/ quick changes. These are my recommendations for "out and about diapers"

Nicki's Diapers Bamboo All in One (The top middle purple diaper) These are a fantastic diaper for $15 bucks. They are super absorbent and come in amazing colors and prints. Seriously they are my favorite diaper ever. Super absorbent, amazing colors. The snap placement gets a great fit, buy at least one or two to try.

Bum Genius 4.0, Freetime, or Elemental  I get them from their "seconds sales" for below list price, all 3 require a thin hemp doubler for my heavy wetting kiddo). They are a great long lasting diaper. Available at BuyBuyBaby stores or from

Alva Baby Bamboo Pocket Diapers 9 bucks a piece and a great diaper.

Kawaii Premium Bamboo Pockets similar to alva bamboo in price and absorbency these run HUGE though.

Alternatively you can use a "All in two" system with snap in inserts that go on as easily as a disposable but let you have the option to re-use covers and buy additional inserts. We had good luck with the Best Bottoms system but also have heard great things about the Soft Bums system as well.

Overnight (3-4 changes):

For overnights I use doubled up bamboo prefolds but for a easier overnight option I recommend a fitted with cover. I would want to own 4 for them so you can wash every 2-3 days and always have one still clean on wash day. I recommend using a Blueberry or Thirsties cover over a Pooters, Twinkle Toes, Bel Canto or other brand fitted.

Everyone is going to have different favorites but for me these have been what I have found to work well for our needs. If you want any tips on getting started feel free to contact me. My stash below is pretty similar (mind you mine is bigger because of my sons digestive issues that cause him to use more diapers than the average kiddo).

Below is a picture of diapers I had when I was cloth diapering two kiddos. The picture is just to give you a visual example of more brands (you don't need this many diapers for 1 kiddo).

A visual example of a few cloth diaper brands (5/13) :

Inserts and Prefolds
6 Oh so cozy premium prefolds
6 Cloth Eeze Large prefolds 
5 Best Bottom Inserts (plus 3 overnight doublers)

Pockets (left to right):
 3 Sunbaby Size 2
2 JC trade (top two)
1 QQ Baby (whale print)
3 Alva Baby
2 Happy Flute (top two velcro)
1 Bum Genius 4.0 (yellow velcro)

2 Homemade Fitted Diapers (overnight diapers)

Bottom Row: Covers Left to Right
2 Best Bottoms- Kiwie Lime, Moolicious
2 Blueberry- Monsters in a Coverall and Capri Elephants
2 Diaper Safari- Steel and Cardinal
2 Flips- Albert and Mirror

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